Light Emanating From the Sky

Suffocating, I thought, the influx of thoughts in my mind cluttering, T-this is suffocating. A light from above shone, giving life and energy to all who saw it. On the other hand, I…I, who was in the ocean — drowning and regretting my past and current decisions — hated the very sight of that light. Deep down in my heart and to all my knowledge, I knew that sight was horrendous. However, at one point in time, I was the same way as everyone else, happy to see a golden beam of light from the sky. But as time passed, new things from all around this planet were constructed: shows, businesses, and statues; however, they were all directed towards the subject of ‘a light from above’. And that’s when I thought that there was something seriously wrong with this world, and while scrambling the thoughts in my head, I came up with mind-control. The light that was creating such a motion was casting a seed in us to gain control of our emotions, slowly growing into our actions. This knowledge that I contained slowly grew to madness, for I cast myself into the sea, my treasured belongings with me.

15-year-old occasional writer. I don't write much stuff, so therefore, I don't have much experience writing detailed stuff.